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If you use WSH or just VBScript / JScript, then the most important download to have is the Windows script host documentation (version 5.6).
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JavaScript optimiser Version 1.0.0

JavaScript optimiser is a system that strips white space and comments from Javascript pages. This condenses JavaScript pages down to the bare minimum allowing them to run more efficiently or to save load times when used in JavaScript files.

Why do I need to strip JavaScript?

In some cases, the size of JavaScript can be made up of up to 50% wasted space, this is in the form of useless white space and informational comments. So stripping JavaScript will reduce the page size, which in turn reduces the transfer rates for your site.

Web browsers will also take less time to view the page because the code is smaller. This in turn will stop clients leaving your site due to slow transfers of pages.


* Simple to use.
* Makes source code more secure by removing comments.
* Helps with sites that have smaller or capped transfer rates.
This page was created with RTF to HTML converter

Try the JavaScript Optimiser online

Paste your JavaScript file contents here and click 'Show optimisation' to view the results in another window.

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ID3 Editor 1.29.51 is now available. Added chapters and chapter table of contents. Fixed log file issues under Big Sur, Monterey and Ventura. Added a check for ANSI fields just in case Unicode is used.

QS Disclaimer 4.7.17 is now available. This version fixes an issue with Exchange 2019 and Windows 2019.

RTF to HTML converter 1.3.11 is now available. This version adds line spacing and raw output.

Disc Image Professional 2.3.1 is now available. This upgrade adds multi-user support and fixes a Vista mount issue.

MSAD Login 3.1.0 is now available. This version includes TLS and Kerberos support.

Archive SE 1.1.5 is now available. This upgrade adds support for Tar and BZip2.

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