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About Pa-software

Pa-software is a UK based company that has been running since 1990 writing software for computers in both the home and business sectors.

Until recently we only wrote software requested by individuals or companies, but we decided that the effort we spent writing the software was wasted on the selective few that used it and that no one benefited from any useful products we created, we also wanted to keep the rights to the software we wrote (it is never nice not being able to adapt and use something that you have spent months or years on).

We have always been committed to cross platform compatibility with an approach to bridging or plugging the gaps between Microsoft based systems, Apple Macintosh systems and Unix systems, this was the reason for developing our first public product, Disc image, which we originally wrote for NT4 servers so that the servers did not have to back up large quantities of files and could be more secure.

Our goal is to offer our basic products for free when used in a non-commercial fashion and only ask a small charge for products which require a large outlay of time and/or expense.





QS Disclaimer 4.6.17 is now available. This version adds a group based option to send a copy to the sender.

ID3 Editor 1.26.43 is now available. This version adds native x64 support which is required by 10.13.6 or newer.

Disc Image Professional 2.3.1 is now available. This upgrade adds multi-user support and fixes a Vista mount issue.

RTF to HTML converter 1.2.11 is now available. This version fixes a colour table issue.

MSAD Login 3.1.0 is now available. This version includes TLS and Kerberos support.

Archive SE 1.1.5 is now available. This upgrade adds support for Tar and BZip2.

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Developer of Exchange Server e-mail disclaimers, compression, ISO CD/DVD disc image management, MP3 ID3 editing and Macintosh Active Directory integration.