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New features in this version

• Added the option to create a file name based on a user format.
• Fixed a signing issue under Mountain Lion.

Version 1.19.20
• Fixed a problem where the file creation date was not always kept if the V1 tag was changed.
• Fixed a problem loading tdf files.
• Fixed a problem setting the podcast option in the CLI.
• Added a trim option to the CLI.
• Added UTF-8 support for setting the title etc. from the file name.
• Added image drop support for Windows.

Version 1.18.18
• Fixed a Unicode issue with trimming.
• Added CSV and XML exporting of the tag detials using the CLI.
• Added a defaults button option.
• CLI now prints details using UTF-8.
• Added an option to ignore VBR when printing the MPEG details in the CLI.
• Added the ability to delete tag fields in the CLI.
• Added the ability to extract the track details based on a string format.
• Fixed a problem opening only AIFF files in the group editor.
• Fixed alignment issues in the group editor.
• Added support for group editing of AIFF under Windows.
• Added extra columns and log pruning for the shell extension.
• Fixed a CLI UTF-8 and % printing issue under Windows.
• Fixed a file locking issue under Windows 7.

Version 1.17.15
• Added the ability to mark the track as a podcast.
• Added the postcast options for an ID, a Feed and a description.
• Added a title field for the V2 and V1 tags in the group editor.
• Fixed a UTF issue when loading the comments or lyrics from a file in the CLI.
• Added the option to pass lyrics on the command line rather than from a file.
• Added the option to only show the MPEG details.
• Added return codes for success and errors.
• Added Windows x64 support.
• Added an option to offer ID3 V2.4 and AIFF Windows Explorer support (including thumbnails).
• Added a verification system to ensure the tracks were updated correctly.
• Added better error detection.
• Fixed an issue with Auto tag version (now defaults to Auto).
• Now saves the window position.

Version 1.16.12
• Added Unicode genre to GUI and CLI.
• Added remove/replace images, remove lyrics, keep file dates and ID3 version to CLI.
• Added UTF-8 support for CLI.
• Added Unicode file name support.
• Added AIFF support to both GUI and CLI.
• Added an editable and user defined genre list with the option to load an iTunes list.
• Added the option to remove all the current images in the group editor.
• Added the option to save the track with a different name.
• Loading a file name into the title now converts underscores to spaces.
• Added part of set (disc number in iTunes) to the group editor.
• Added an option in the defaults to replace any existing data.
• Added support for accessibility (Mac OS X 10.4 and greater).
• Fixed an issue where changing lyrics and other text fields did not mark the file as dirty.
• Fixed a problem automatically applying the defaults.
• Added add/remove buttons to the group picture.
• Added defaults to the group editor.
• Fixed the iTunes script to work with iTunes 10.0 or greater (Mac only).
• Added clear data to the Windows group editor.
• Fixed an issue under Windows 7 where the pictures/lyrics window was on top of the main window.
• Title now shows if the track has been changed in Windows.

Version 1.15.12
• Added selectable or auto tag versioning (as 2.4 is not supported in Windows 7).
• Added an option to keep the file dates the same after updating.
• Fixed a Latin 1 Mac limitation.
• Added an option to set the track, tracks and title from the file name in the multi-editor.
• Added a option to copy the V2 details in the multi-editor.
• Added beats per minute and the musical key fields.
• Fixed an issue opening multiple files in 10.6.
• Added an option to remove white space.
• Added support for date naming updated files.
• Added the option to copy V1 to V2 and V2 to V1 in the command line editor.





MSAD Login 3.0.0 is now available. This version includes TLS and Kerberos support

ID3 Editor 1.20.20 is now available. This version adds file name formating.

QS Disclaimer 4.1.0 is now available. This version adds multiple disclaimers and internal groups.

Disc Image 2.3.1 is now available for x64 platforms.

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