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New features in version 1.29.51

Version 1.29.51
Added a check for the log file to alert of any errors.
Fixed adding lyrics from the menu not setting the file as dirty.
Fixed an issue with the year when the field uses Unicode.
Added a check for ANSI fields just in case Unicode is used.
Added chapters and chapter table of contents.
Added better error detection when replacing the temporary file.
Fixed an issue when chapters were not used.
Fixed issues with the PPC version.

Version 1.28.49
Added support for Dark Mode.
Fixed an audio player issue under Catalina.
Changed the x64 signing due to issues verifying the certificate.
Fixed a problem accessing removable drives.
Fixed a problem removing an APE tag when no ID3 v1 is present.
Added a mark when an APE tag is present.
Now defaults to the large view.

Version 1.27.46
Added support to copy non-standard tag fields or restrict to ISO and Apple fields.
Fixed a progress issue updating a group under 10.14 and newer.
Added the option to keep images when using the defaults.
Added the ability to use the file name to create track details when using the defaults.
Fixed a private data field issue.
Fixed an issue where tracks were marked dirty even if they were not changed.
Added rating to the CLI.
Added the track count to the group update.
Fixed a defaults issue under Windows.

Version 1.26.43
Added native x64 support for 10.6 or newer (required by 10.13.6).
Fixed issues with logging and wildcard support in the CLI.
Added the option load all the tag data from a source in the CLI.
Added the option to drop a file or files onto the window to open them.

Version 1.25.41
Added support for corrupted and broken AIFF tracks.
Fixed an issue with the open and save window titles under Macintosh.
Fixed a certificate issue with the installer under Macintosh.
Added support for copying all standard 2.2 tag fields without conversion.

Version 1.24.38
Fixed a CLI issue with some arguments especially CSV and XML exporting.
Added support for the non-standard ID3 2.2 release date field.
Fixed an issue with CSV text output.
Fixed an issue with read-only files under Windows.
Added a warning for podcasts without an ID.
Added an optional fix for icon preview issues under Macintosh.

Version 1.23.34
Added multiple defaults.
Added extra fields to the CLI.
Added an advisory field,
Fixed an MPEG 2.5 information issue.
Added support for iTunes extended genres.
Added exporting of fields to XML and CSV for the GUI.
Added a group option to the splash window.
Added support for copying (not editing) private and user text fields.
Fixed a genre scroll issue under Windows.
Added initial key and BPM to the group editor.
Comments now support \r\n in the CLI.
Added wildcard support to the CLI.
Added an 'out' argument for saving to a different file in the CLI.
Fixed a group editor issue with a black window under El Capitan and Sierra.

Version 1.22.32
Added a splash window for easy opening of recently used files.
Added the ability to ignore AIFF corruption.
Added a rating field.
Added a better track update error message.
Added ISRC and Artist URL to the group editor.
Added a default path option.
Added the option to reset the preferences.
Added the option to show the image details in the CLI.
Added auto-complete to the text fields.
Fixed an issue where it would try and add V1 tags to non-MP3 files.
Added incrementing the ISRC code (only the number part) to the group editor.

Version 1.21.25
Added a new window style to show the picture and lyrics as tabs.
Added a option to show parts of the extended and podcast fields in a separate section.
Fixed a compatibility issue with some older plugins under Mavericks.
Added release and recorded time to the group editor.
Fixed a recent files issue under Windows XP SP3.
Added the rename file options to insert the track number with leading zeros (based on the tracks) and the number of tracks.
Added the option to export the tag image(s) in the CLI.
Added the option to set the artist URL in the CLI.
The CLI can now rename files based on the tag data even if the tag data is not changed.
Fixed an AIFF issue dealing with corrupt chunks.
Fixed an issue getting the MPEG encoder string.
Added an option to set the editor type by holding down the control key when opening tracks under Windows.

Version 1.20.20
Added the option to create a file name based on a user format.
Fixed a signing issue under Mountain Lion.

Version 1.19.20
Fixed a problem where the file creation date was not always kept if the V1 tag was changed.
Fixed a problem loading tdf files.
Fixed a problem setting the podcast option in the CLI.
Added a trim option to the CLI.
Added UTF-8 support for setting the title etc. from the file name.
Added image drop support for Windows.
Fixed an issue installing under Windows XP and 2003.

Version 1.18.18
Fixed a Unicode issue with trimming.
Added CSV and XML exporting of the tag details using the CLI.
Added a defaults button option.
CLI now prints details using UTF-8.
Added an option to ignore VBR when printing the MPEG details in the CLI.
Added the ability to delete tag fields in the CLI.
Added the ability to extract the track details based on a string format.
Fixed a problem opening only AIFF files in the group editor.
Fixed alignment issues in the group editor.
Added support for group editing of AIFF under Windows.
Added extra columns and log pruning for the shell extension.
Fixed a CLI UTF-8 and % printing issue under Windows.
Fixed a file locking issue under Windows 7.

Version 1.17.15
Added the ability to mark the track as a podcast.
Added the podcast options for an ID, a Feed and a description.
Added a title field for the V2 and V1 tags in the group editor.
Fixed a UTF issue when loading the comments or lyrics from a file in the CLI.
Added the option to pass lyrics on the command line rather than from a file.
Added the option to only show the MPEG details.
Added return codes for success and errors.
Added Windows x64 support.
Added an option to offer ID3 V2.4 and AIFF Windows Explorer support (including thumbnails).
Added a verification system to ensure the tracks were updated correctly.
Added better error detection.
Fixed an issue with Auto tag version (now defaults to Auto).
Now saves the window position.





ID3 Editor 1.29.51 is now available. Added chapters and chapter table of contents. Fixed log file issues under Big Sur, Monterey and Ventura. Added a check for ANSI fields just in case Unicode is used.

QS Disclaimer 4.7.17 is now available. This version fixes an issue with Exchange 2019 and Windows 2019.

RTF to HTML converter 1.3.11 is now available. This version adds line spacing and raw output.

Disc Image Professional 2.3.1 is now available. This upgrade adds multi-user support and fixes a Vista mount issue.

MSAD Login 3.1.0 is now available. This version includes TLS and Kerberos support.

Archive SE 1.1.5 is now available. This upgrade adds support for Tar and BZip2.

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