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Operating system (mac, win or unix) Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Vista x64
Disc Image Standard's individual price is:
£11.50 (GBP)
€15.00 (Euro)
$19.50 (USD)

Disc Image Professional's individual price is:
£23.00 (GBP)
€34.00 (Euro)
$44.00 (USD)

For further information and volume licensing click here.

Disc Image Standard
Disc Image Professional
Disc Image Standard
Disc Image Professional
Disc Image Standard
Disc Image Professional
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Disc Image information


Explorer integration

Mounting an image could not be simpler, just right click on the iso file and select 'Mount image'.
The mounted image will then appear in Explorer (or if Auto-Play is available, it will automatically open).
It is just as easy to remove the mounted image, just select 'Eject' in Explorer just the same as any other CD/DVD, the drive will then be removed.

Explorer integration


Using the mounted image

The mounted image is used in the same way as other CD/DVD that have been inserted into a physical drive.

Using the mounted image


Command line support (pro only)

Mount and unmount ISO images easily with scripts, or even with login batch files. Images can also be mounted using specific drive letters.

Using the command line


Image Editor application

Create ISO images from files and folders with ISO9660, Joliet and UDF file systems. You can even create Rock Ridge with the pro version.

Image Editor App


Additional applications

The optional applications include:
An image converter, for changing unreadable images such as cue/bin or nrg files into iso images (pro only).
An image creator, which allows the creation of iso images from physical CD/DVD's.
An image mount application, for a little more control over how images are mounted into the system e.g. by a certain drive letter (pro only).

Additional applications


A taskbar tray application for mounting frequently used images.

Tray Menu shortcut editor Tray Menu

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ID3 Editor 1.29.51 is now available. Added chapters and chapter table of contents. Fixed log file issues under Big Sur, Monterey and Ventura. Added a check for ANSI fields just in case Unicode is used.

QS Disclaimer 4.7.17 is now available. This version fixes an issue with Exchange 2019 and Windows 2019.

RTF to HTML converter 1.3.11 is now available. This version adds line spacing and raw output.

Disc Image Professional 2.3.1 is now available. This upgrade adds multi-user support and fixes a Vista mount issue.

MSAD Login 3.1.0 is now available. This version includes TLS and Kerberos support.

Archive SE 1.1.5 is now available. This upgrade adds support for Tar and BZip2.

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